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1. Which of the following is NOT a great demonstration of scholarly writing material? (Points : 1)       Lecturing readers on common knowledge

       Making an argument

       Criticizing another writer’s method

       Borrowing expert authority

Question 2.2. Which of the following BEST describes the use of subjectivity and opinions in a research project? (Points : 1)       Emotions are irrelevant to research and must be eliminated.

       Opinions should be used to beliefs upon the audience.

       Emotions and subjectivity do not influence logic.

       Opinions should be questioned and perhaps changed during research.

Question 3.3. Researchers prefer a narrow focus and selective research methods for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)       To specialize in field or subject matter

       To access numerous ways to address a vast problem

       To write a broad research question

       To arrive at the definitive answer to a problem

Question 4.4. Which of the following steps do NOT help writers develop research topics into appropriate lines of inquiry? (Points : 1)       Identify the parent, sibling, and child topics.

       Construct a central, one-dimensional topic.

       Develop a set of essential and supporting questions.

       Define the scope of your project.

Question 5.5. Parallel structure (or parallelism) ensures that (Points : 1)       parallel ideas are expressed in a grammatically parallel way.

       spelling is consistent throughout a document.

       sentences do not begin with conjunctions or adverbs.

       modifiers are clear and not dangling.

Question 6.6. Synthesizing research is important work for all of the following reasons EXCEPT (Points : 1)       diversity of opinion.

       comprehensive scope.

       freedom from complications.

       open-ended interpretations.

Question 7.7. Choose the best topic sentence. (Points : 1)       Determination is a key trait in a strong leader and can be learned and developed in many ways.

       Good leaders are determined to lead.

       Barak Obama is a strong leader because he is an orator and has a casual approach.

Question 8.8. Which of the following statements is considered a distinguishing characteristic of a research question? (Points : 1)       It is formed after consulting existing research.

       It has an obvious “yes” or “no” answer.

       It includes large generalizations on several topics.

       It features very emotional language that is casual in tone.

Question 9.9. Each paragraph should support multiple topics. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 10.10. Which of the following BEST describes the primary goal of a research project? (Points : 1)       To prove your idea is the best

       To bring a conversation to a close

       To win a debate on an issue

       To push a conversation forward

Question 11.11. A researcher can tell that questions are coherent by all of the following results, EXCEPT (Points : 1)       the essential questions are unrelated to one another.

       the supporting questions are connected to essential questions.

       the scope of the project is limited and possible.

       the research is focused on a specific purpose.

Question 12.12. A good thesis should do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)       be obviously true for most readers.

       promote thinking.

       provide direction.

       contain tension.

Question 13.13. Which of the following elements do researchers understand that their research may provide for future generations? (Points : 1)       The final and definitive answer to a problem

       Absolute truth

       The end of the need for research on the subject

       Extension, revision, or refutation of their work

Question 14.14. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)       Parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.

       Even though television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch.

       While television can be educational, parents should regulate the amount of television their children watch because it inhibits social interaction, shortens children’s attention spans, and isn’t always intellectually stimulating.

Question 15.15. What definition BEST describes the relationship between sibling topics and central topics? (Points : 1)       Sibling topics are related to the central idea and important to consider.

       Sibling topics are more general than your central topic.

       Sibling topics show the details of your central topic.

       Sibling topics are unrelated to your central topic and irrelevant.

Question 16.16. The introduction of your essay should include all of the following elements EXCEPT (Points : 1)       your problem.

       your evidence.

       your framework.

       your thesis.

Question 17.17. Which of the following sources is likely NOT useful beyond the information it contains? (Points : 1)       A source that is lengthy and treats subject with complexity

       A source that uses the specialized language of experts

       A source that serves multiple purposes

       A source that is short and presents answers as matters of fact

Question 18.18. Which of the following does NOT describe the credibility of scholarly sources? (Points : 1)       The reasonableness of the researcher’s argument

       Proof of credentialed and professional writing

       Financial backing from a large corporation

       An indication of evidence and engagement with other researchers

Question 19.19. Which of the following DOES NOT describe a characteristic of news, trade, and popular sources? (Points : 1)       They may be subject to editorial review or review by industry practitioners.

       They make assertions without always providing readers with verification of evidence.

       They are written primarily to educate or entertain.

       They use a broad citation system to document sources.

Question 20.20. How are method sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)       They provide readers with claims to dispute evidence.

       They provide readers with materials to accept basic premises as truthful.

       They offer readers a particular procedure or perspective to assess usefulness.

       They offer readers concrete data or examples to assess claims.

Question 21.21. Claims rely on all of the following kinds of evidence EXCEPT (Points : 1)       expert testimony.

       historical narrative.



Question 22.22. Peer review is NOT able to provide us with which of the following? (Points : 1)       Careful interpretations

       Conclusive evidence

       Alternative perspectives

       Reasonable accuracy

Question 23.23. Claims, _____________, rebuttals, and analysis must be presented in an academic argument. (Points : 1)       evidence




Question 24.24. The primary purpose of a literature review is to do which of the following? (Points : 1)       Expose the errors of researchers from a competing institution

       Offer the final word on a controversial topic

       Personally contribute to an ongoing field of inquiry

       Publish and earn scholarly income

Question 25.25. “Everyone from that department is untrustworthy.” This is an example of (Points : 1)       the post-hoc fallacy.

       the red-herring fallacy.

       the group-think fallacy.

       the hasty-generalization fallacy.

Question 26.26. Subject guides in a university library provide all of the following resources EXCEPT (Points : 1)       specific peer reviewed articles.

       useful database recommendations.

       the names of useful subject-specific resources.

       reference books.

Question 27.27. Some general rules to follow when avoiding plagiarism include: (Points : 1)       When in doubt, cite your sources

       Avoid procrastination so you are not tempted to plagiarize at the last minute.

       Take notes as you read and make a note of the sources.

       all of the above.

Question 28.28. Your global purpose should accomplish all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)       summarize what your essay is about.

       make a statement about your essay’s impact.

       explain what your essay will do.

       clarify the issues.

Question 29.29. Which of the following strategies is NOT used to narrow a subject search? (Points : 1)       Use the “Search as Words” option.

       Use general, broad subject headings.

       Use available limiters.

       Use AND or AND NOT.

Question 30.30. Getting started with your research is most easily done by using which ONE of the following methods? (Points : 1)       Viewing only peer-reviewed, scholarly data

       Starting with a broad Google search

       Considering all Internet writers

       Interviewing peers and faculty for their opinions

Question 31.31. Which of the following means to acknowledge, quote, or commend? (Points : 1)       Site



       None of the above

Question 32.32. Supporting questions are distinct from essential questions because supporting questions provide which of the following? (Points : 1)       Definitive answers

       External concepts not used as evidence

       Theories and alternative perspectives

       A different viw of an issue unrelated to essential questions

Question 33.33. Which of the following is NOT considered a viable criterion for evaluating sources? (Points : 1)       Credibility

       Relevance of subject matter

       Ease with which it was found online

       Expertise of author

Question 34.34. Which of the following is NOT a reason a parent topic is a good starting point? (Points : 1)       Parent topics provide a general framework from which to get started.

       Parent topics provide a context for the debate.

       Parent topics show how your topic relates to larger issues.

       Parent topics create boundaries and limitations to maintain focus.

Question 35.35. Identify the sentence with the pronoun-antecedent agreement error. (Points : 1)       The school board finally announced their decision Friday.

       He was audited because he was never on time with his taxes.

       The dog was running so fast that it crashed into the fence.

       Mary didn’t think she was in trouble, but she was in trouble.

Question 36.36. Which of the following considerations is NOT an important question to ask when choosing a database? (Points : 1)       Does the database provide full-text or abstracts?

       Are the articles in the database difficult to understand?

       Does the database offer electronic delivery?

       How current are the publications?

Question 37.37. The reference-page citation format for a book includes the following information in the following order: (Points : 1)       Author’s Last Name, Initials. (Publication Year). Title of book. Location: Publisher

       Author’s Last Name, Initials. Title of book. Location: Publisher (Publication Year)

       Title of book. Author’s Last Name, First Name. Location: Publisher (Publication Year)

       Title of book. Author’s Last Name, Initials. Location: Publisher (Publication Year)

Question 38.38. A thesis statement can be written as a question. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 39.39. It is a good idea to include various types of fallacies in academic papers. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 40.40. Writers who treat readers as fellow researchers do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)       admit their arguments are limited and open to critique.

       state facts on a subject for the reader to accept without question.

       display evidence from which they draw conclusions.

       invite readers to join a conversation.

Question 41.41. To assess research needs, a researcher should begin with WHICH ONE of the following elements? (Points : 1)       Develop an initial set of research questions.

       Review theories relevant to the research question.

       Find background, exhibit, argument, and method (BEAM) sources.

       Write a draft of the thesis statement.

Question 42.42. How are background sources MOST relevant to researchers? (Points : 1)       They explain an interesting theory related to the topic.

       They provide a convincing argument on one side of the debate.

       They explain the best ways to conduct research projects.

       They feature established facts that help ground the researcher’s work.

Question 43.43. Which of the following LEAST describes an appropriate approach to the evaluation of potential research topics? (Points : 1)       Assessing your own interest in a topic

       Holding firm to your individual beliefs to prove yourself right

       Evaluating your own biases

       Reviewing current issues in a field to uncover unique solutions

Question 44.44. Which ONE of the following research purposes offers the best contribution to the field? (Points : 1)       To avoid conflict

       To summarize the achievements of others

       To complicate the issues

       To offer something new and interesting

Question 45.45. Pre-reading strategies should include which ONE of the following activities? (Points : 1)       Survey the writing for overviews and summaries first.

       Clear your mind of questions and expectations.

       Avoid making comparisons to other writings.

       Consider what the writer knows instead of what you believe you know.

Question 46.46. A paper that contains almost no original work but properly cites all sources is not an instance of plagiarism: (Points : 1)       True 


Question 47.47. A proper English sentence must contain at least (Points : 1)       one subordinate clause.

       a predicate.

       a subject and a verb.

       one noun phrase.

Question 48.48. Ashford University instructors use anti-plagiarism resources to determine the originality of submitted written work. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 49.49. A bad thesis will often contain all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)       it makes no claims.

       it restates conventional wisdom.

       it presents a claim readers might disagree with.

       it offers personal opinions as the basis.

Question 50.50. The majority of your research should be conducted (Points : 1)       via the World Wide Web.

       via Ashford Library databases.

       via the Google search engine.

       via the Bing search engine.

Question 51.51. Which fallacy typically involves circular reasoning? (Points : 1)       An appeal to inadequate authority

       Begging the question

       Hasty generalization

       All of the above

Question 52.52. Which of the following local purposes is NOT useful in the body of the essay? (Points : 1)       Providing exhibits to elaborate the problem

       Filling gaps in conversation

       Supporting the argument about the causes of a problem

       Supporting traditional views without question

Question 53.53. Which of the following approaches is MOST helpful during the research process? (Points : 1)       Approaching research with an open mind

       Only seeking facts that support one’s personal beliefs

       Rejecting unconventional ideas and research

       Supporting research based on illogical arguments

Question 54.54. If you are found responsible for violating the Academic Dishonestly policy, and there are multiple instances of academic dishonesty violations, or a singular violation is egregious, you will be referred to the Student Affairs department for review. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 55.55. If a researcher finds the “perfect source,” no other source materials are needed. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 56.56. Which of the following is the PRIMARY motivation for publishing credible work? (Points : 1)       Desire to advance a political agenda

       Pursuit of truth as the highest goal

       Desire to entertain readers

       Strong faith in one’s own beliefs

Question 57.57. This in-text citation—(Web Gallery, n.d.)—indicates that (Points : 1)       the publication is forthcoming.

       there is no publishing date.

       there are no editors.

       there is more than one author.

Question 58.58. Abstracts are useful in helping resarchers accomplish all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)       previewing significant findings.

       describing the problem.

       gathering comprehensive data.

       presenting conclusions.

Question 59.59. The use of precise synonyms is MOST helpful for which of the following reasons? (Points : 1)       It helps find sources that more directly address the topic question.

       It uses everyday language.

       It teaches the researcher new vocabulary terms.

       It helps researchers get hundreds or thousands of exact results.

Question 60.60. Researchers who locate a community of scholars engaged in a conversation should do all of the following EXCEPT (Points : 1)       link scholars to clear positions.

       selectively pick data to support their own views.

       identify foundational theories and positions.

       Start to see structure of a conversation.

Question 61.61. A comma-splice sentence is a type of run-on sentence. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 62.62. Which of the following is NOT recommended when familiarizing yourself with a new field? (Points : 1)       Reviewing secondary sources for evidence of existing research

       Knowing the current controversies in a field

       Only seeking out information related to your initial question

       Keeping an open mind and flexible expectations

Question 63.63. Which of the following is the LEAST useful type of source? (Points : 1)       One that includes other researchers’ analysis

       One that offers just facts or information

       One that offers you new perspectives

       One that includes at least one of the BEAM elements

Question 64.64. Choose the best thesis statement. (Points : 1)       The federal government has had a courteous and supportive relationship with Planned Parenthood and other women’s health facilities for decades; however, funding from federal coffers should not be spent on procedures that are deemed unethical and murderous in the eyes of taxpayers.

       In this paper, I will explain my views on abortion.

       This paper will show that women’s health issues are important in America today and why Planned Parenthood should continue to receive federal funding.

Question 65.65. Limiting the scope of your research project can involve all of the following, EXCEPT (Points : 1)       specifying a subtopic to help limit your research.

       exploring a problem fully and completely.

       defining a location where you will focus your attention.

       viewing your topic through a specific theoretical perspective.

Question 66.66. A comma-splice sentence may be corrected by (Points : 1)       ending the sentence where the comma is and starting a new sentence.

       replacing the comma with a semicolon to connect the two independent clauses.

       All of the above

       None of the above

Question 67.67. Which one of the following strategies will NOT help you work through confusion? (Points : 1)       Allow yourself limitless time to research thoroughly before writing.

       Consult a specialized dictionary.

       Get the help of someone with more knowledge than you.

       Ask for professional assistance from an instructor.

Question 68.68. When starting a writing project, researchers should approach their research topic as (Points : 1)       an interesting problem to be solved.

       a potential affirmation of faith and beliefs.

       an area with limited perspectives and little to uncover.

       a randomly selected topic being researched by force.

Question 69.69. Which of the following is not a feature of a paper’s title page? (Points : 1)       Instructor’s name

       Date of submission

       Running head

       Paper abstract

Question 70.70. Which of the following is the BEST way to begin the research process? (Points : 1)       Look for information that only supports your views.

       Look for information that is easiest to access.

       Look for a compelling conversation among scholars.

       Look for a social experiment on popular television.

Question 71.71. Academic citations are important for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT (Points : 1)       to give credit to other people.

       to enable readers to trace the logic of your argument.

       to make the cited writers feel important.

       to provide other researchers with important sources.

Question 72.72. Using the acronym “BEAM” helps researchers in which of the following ways? (Points : 1)       It teaches students how to find sources in the library and how to use them in research.

       It helps students remember the different types of sources by using an everyday term.

       It makes the different types of writing abstract and complex.

       It helps students learn new vocabulary words.

Question 73.73. An outline is a tool for organizing the structure of an essay. (Points : 1)       True 


Question 74.74. Why does letting go of expectations enhance a writer’s understanding of a topic? (Points : 1)       Playing with ideas is important form of exploration.

       Planners use writing to express what they already know.

       Thinking and writing are separate activities and need to be respected as such.

       Pressure to produce definitive ideas is helpful in the early stages.

Question 75.75. Flawed logic can destroy a paper’s (Points : 1)       logos.




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